Flower Tessellation Play Mat (T-004)

Flower Tessellation Play Mat (T-004)

Designed in Korea, made in Taiwan and holding a Japan patent, this revolutionary toy has received the prestigious Kind + Jugend Innovation Award 2008 in Germany

Playmat is made from high-quality elastic EVA material that is harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly. The product has met or exceeded the highest levels of safety and quality by United States (ASTM & CPSIA) and European (EN-71) standards. Its thickness (17mm-23mm) also provides good cushioning against injuries when used as a play mat.



  • 1. Can be used as play mat or tessellation puzzle consisting of shapes of flowers and leaves.

  • 2. Can be assembled into 3-D flower table or bouquet.

  • 3. Coloured puzzle pieces can be interchanged.


(A) Contents Of Box: 34 flower EVA pieces, 34 leaf EVA pieces, 5 white bars

(B) EVA Thickness: about 20mm

(C) Play Mat Size: Approx. 1M x 1.5M


Note: Pictures used above are meant for illustration purposes only and may use more pieces than actually in 1 set.

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  • - Real size building blocks with an arch, a door, a table and a shelf. - Include user's guided manual for 13 varieties - Living Room, Playhouse, Kitchen, Make-up Stand & Chair, Desk, Castle, Airplane, Overpass, Store, etc.
  • - Product Weight: about 17kg
  • - Recommended Age: 1 to 99 years old
  • - Carton box size: about 620mm x 470mm x 630mm
  • - Let your child build their own neverland with own creativity and imagination.
  • - Encourage your child on their incredible journey of discovery.
  • - Help children develop their creativity, organizational skills and imagination.
  • - Made of high quality PP which is non-toxic & safe for baby use
  • - Made in Korea
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