Haenim SET M

Haenim SET M

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  1. 1 Melody activity panel (red)
  2. 1 Normal activity panel (red)
  3. 1 door panel (red + blue)
  4. 3 plain panels (blue)
  5. 6 connectors (yellow)
  6. with 1 x full set of bear stickers for activity, door and plain panels ...
  • - Product Weight: about 18kg
  • - Play Yards size: about 2200mm (L) x 1100mm (W) x 600mm (H)
  • - Recommended Age: 3 months to 3 years old
  • - Door has double-lock device for safety
  • - Each panel comes with 2 white rubber at the bottom of each panel
  • - 2 different types of activity panels. Various game tools are on the activity panel. The Melody activity panel comes a large Melody keyboard with 7 large buttons that will sound off 7 nursery melody when pressed.
  • - Possible to buy more panels to build a larger play area
  • - Made of high quality PP and PE material which is non-toxic & safe for baby use
  • - World Class product in Korea. The No. 1 Play Yards brand in Singapore and Korea.
  • - Made in Korea
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  • - Product Weight: about 1.6kg
  • - Color available: (1) Green + Orange; (2) Blue + Orange
  • - Recommended Age: 6 months till up to about 13kg
  • - Size of box: 300mm X 170mm X 390mm
  • - Made of high quality PP and PE material which is non-toxic & safe for baby use
  • - Designed with curved finish so that child can sit comfortably and safely in the chair while bathing
  • - 2 steps adjustment of the back, making it easy to adjust and change the position of the child
  • - Safety bar with toy to attract child attention. Easy to open the safety bar by pressing one button on the side of the chair.
  • - Suction pads at the bottom of the bath chair. Helps to keep the bath chair in position and prevent slippery while bathing the child.
  • - Note: used only under caretakers supervision.
  • - Made in Korea
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